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Vampire Breast Lift®

What Is The Vampire Breast Lift®?

Vampire Breast Lift

The Vampire Breast Lift® is a non-surgical, no downtime, form of breast augmentation that uses your own natural blood cells to lift the breast and nipple.

The Vampire Breast Lift® a more natural alternative to the aggressive surgical procedure like a breast lift. We offer the Vampire Breast Lift® as a way to improve the shape of ones breast without invasive surgeries. The Vampire Breast Lift® improves cleavage and can add more volume at the top of the breasts.

Good candidates for this procedure are women who are not looking to dramatically change the size of their breasts. Women who are looking to give their breasts a more youthful appearance are ideal candidates for the Vampire Breast Lift®.

The Vampire Breast Lift’s® effects can lasts varying degrees of time. This mainly depends on the individual patient.

What Makes The Vampire Breast Lift® Unique?

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The combination of procedures is what sets this technique apart from its breast lift, and injectable filler, counterparts. The entire procedure takes less than an hour and starts when blood is drawn from your arm in the same way it would be for a normal blood test. Once blood has been collected, it is then centrifuged and the platelets are separated from the red blood cells.

The platelets are then introduced to a calcium chloride solution which causes the platelets to release growth factors. Small amounts of synthetic injectable fillers like Restylane or Juvederm may be added to the mixture as well. Once all the ingredients have been combined, a small gauge needle is used to inject the product into specific areas of the breast which has been numbed.
The procedure has little to no pain involved.

 Vampire Breast Lift® Results

The results of the vampire Breast Lift™ are shocking to most. These results are so powerful due to the power that stem cell’s generating new tissue contain. The procedure adds shape and sensation back to the areola and nipples.

List of effects for the Vampire Breast Lift®

  • Produce Lift and Rounder Cleavage
  • Restore sensitivity lost through breastfeeding or previous implants
  • Perkier Nipples
  • Increased Nipple Sensitivity
  • Smoother Skin
  • Fill in Implant “rippling”
  • Lift inverted nipples
  • Firmer Breast

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